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Generic Propecia

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Are you suffering from Alopecia? Can you imagine yourself without hair after a certain age? Most men suffer from Alopecia. A lot of them don’t know that there is an effective medication for the disease also. With the help of Propecia, you can easily cope with Alopecia to get rid of the problem. Buying Propecia will help you forget about Alopecia and help you get thick hair even after old age. Propecia is a drug that can cure Alopecia without having any adverse effects. The drug is approved by FDA and does not have any side effects.


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There are several products available in shops for treating Alopecia. Special shampoos and serums are available for treating hair loss but none of them are effective. Applying Propecia will help you get your hairs back even after a long age.
If you begin to face a problem of hair loss, stop wasting your time and consult a doctor. Once you get your problem diagnosed, try Propecia and give your hairs a new life.




Propecia is a drug consumed in the form of pills for treating Alopecia. The drug should be consumed only after taking the doctor’s advice. Even though it does not have any adverse effects, it is not recommended to be consumed without a doctor’s consultation. Take the medicines only as per the instruction given on the leaflet.

  • Propecia is effective only when it is taken for a long treatment such a 6-12 months.
  • It should be consumed regularly.
  • Each pill consists of 1mg Finasteride. The dose is fixed for a standard quantity.
  • It will start showing results within 3 months.
  • New hairs will begin to grow between 9-12 months.

Propecia will be effective only during a long treatment. The drug will stop showing results if the cycle is broken. If the treatment is disturbed or gets terminated soon, hairs will start falling again.

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