Generic Neurontin


Generic Neurontin

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Neurontin helps in reducing the spasms and pains in the different parts of the body. As per the class of the pharmacological action of the drug, the formula belongs to the anticonvulsive remedies. The drug allows the patient to help in reducing the pain efficiently and effectively without any adverse effects.


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For quick and effective results, it is recommended to take high doses of the drug. Adults are prescribed to take 300 mg thrice a day during the initial days. As the body gets used to the medicine, the dosage can be increased gradually up to 3600 mg per day. That makes 1200 mg pill thrice a day. There is no need to get afraid of the high doses of the drug. These high doses are required to get a control on the severe pains and are prescribed under clinical tests also.
Even if there is a need to reduce the dosage, you can terminate the drug or replace it with other drugs. But the best way to do it is by reducing the dosage to taking it once or twice a week only. Make sure to not terminate the medicine at once as it can have negative impacts. Reduce the amount of dosage gradually to avoid sudden reactions and side effects. Make sure to follow all the necessary precautions advised by the doctor as it can have adverse reactions.

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100mg, 330mg, 400mg, 600mg, 800mg

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