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Generic Diflucan

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Diflucan is an antifungal medicine that treats the cells of fungi to reproduce to stop the fungal infection directly. The growth of the cells of fungi is the reason why fungal infection does not stop. Diflucan helps in reducing the growth of the  cells of fungi which in turn helps in controlling the disease.
Diflucan can also be used for treating several other diseases such as meningitis, sepsis, candidosis( almost every kind), mycosis, and prophylaxis of the fungal infections that occur in HIV patients and the transplantation of internals as well. A single dose of Diflucan is enough for controlling the fungal infection for the long term therapy by the antibacterial drug.


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Diflucan is considered the most effective antifungal drug. Adults are advised to get 200-400mg per day for fungal diseases. The duration of the medicine depends straight on the kind of fungal infection and their clinical reactions. For chronic fungal infections, the treatment can be stretched for over a year.
The drug does not have any addictive side effects. That is why there is no need to increase the dosage after a certain duration.
Make sure to not terminate the treatment suddenly as it can lead to severe side effects. As soon as you begin seeing improvement, you can slowly reduce the dosage of the medicine. The fungal infection may get relapsed if the treatment is terminated quickly. Take the doctor’s advice before reducing the dosage for better results.

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