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Generic Clomid

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Female infertility is one of the top problems faced by women these days. Due to the increased stress in lifestyle and unhealthy food, more women are facing these problems now. But the biggest reason behind infertility is lack of ovulation. Lack of ovulation is mostly related to hormonal disorders and a high level of estrogen. Clomid is specially made for women to maintain the process of ovulation by reducing the concentration of estrogen in the female body.


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How To use Clomid

Clomid is specifically made to treat issues related to estrogen in both males and females. Many diseases are related to the release of estrogen. To maintain the balance of secretion of estrogen in the human body, Clomid is highly considered as the best treatment. Some issues can be cured by Clomid such as infertility, amenorrhea, androgen failure, galactorrhea, and oligospermia.
Clomid consists of Clomiphene citrate. The ingredients included in it controls the receptors of estrogen in basal glands that help in restoring LH and FSH of the Gonadotropic hormones. As these hormones help in stimulating ovules and restoring ovulation, this helps in getting rid of infertility. It is also claimed that 68% of women become fertile after 1-2 cycles of the treatment of this medicine.

How To Take Clomid

Clomid is generally taken in cycles during 5-10 days. One the 1st cycle of taking Clomid – 1 Clomid pill of 50 mg is taken for 5 days after the 5th days of menstruation. It is recommended to follow the cycles of the dosage. If the woman is still unable to get pregnant after the first cycle, the second cycle will begin. The next cycles will continue as per the results of the previous cycles. On the second cycle of the Clomid, it is taken on the 5th day of the menstrual cycle for straight 10 days. 1 Clomid pill of 50 mg will be taken on the second cycle of the pill.
Usually, it takes 15-18 days after the second cycle to get pregnant. But if the pill doesn’t provide a result after the second cycle, the medication will be continued for the next 5-6 months as per the guidelines.
The same pill is also prescribed for men but it is taken differently as per the requirements of the male body. They are prescribed to take 1 pill of 50 mg of Clomid with regular diagnostics of sperms and other reproductive hormones.
Precautions during the treatment

  • Clomid will not be taken if pregnancy occurs.
  • Clomid will be contraindicated if ovarian cyst, malignant tumors, hypofunction of the basal gland occurs.
  • The treatment will be terminated if unknown uterine bleeding begins during the treatment.
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