What is the process to order from the website?

The process is easy and simple as all you have to do is to buy the medicine through our online stores as prescribed by your health care provider. Select the medicine that you want to buy and add to the cart, once you have picked all the meds, you can proceed further where you have to fill in the address details (just one time) and you will be guided to perform further actions to complete the order.


Is there any requirement of prescription to buy the medicine?

You can buy medicine with us without prescription but it is advisable to consult with the doctor before taking any medicine about its dose and duration of the course.


Do they have express delivery services?

Yes, our delivery system is fast and our back end team starts working on the orders the moment they are processed therefore there is no lag in delivery and we ensure timely delivery as we understand the need and importance of early medication.

How do I track my order?

Well, you can track your order through the link that you will get on the website with the help of ORDER N0/ ORDER REFERENCE, you can track the order. You can monitor the order in transit and it will provide you complete and correct information about it.


How do I know the correct dosage for ED medication?

One must take it in accordance and as prescribed by your health care professional, also, you can read the instructions written on the leaflet of the medicine and take it in accordance. One must take ED medicine half and an hour before sexual activity and as per the need. Avoid overdosing as it can have serious health issues and in case of missed dose, do not make up for the missed dose.

Is my information is safe with you?

Yes, your information is safe and we respect the privacy of our customers therefore if you have any qualm about your information and data then fret not we are a secured website to use and share details withAll your information is confidential and we never share or sell, any such information or data to a third party.

Will I get the refill automatically or I have to re-order from the website.

No, there is no automatic refill system with us, as we believe in providing enhanced health care facilities. And it is seen that one should not stick to one med, after a while it reduce the effectiveness of the drug as the body becomes used to the salts. The results are not up to the mark.so it better to seek professional advice and order in accordance. One has to re-order the medicine and the process is simple and one can order medicine in a blink of an eye.